International Day for the Differently Abled IDDA 2019

The International Day for the Differently Abled is observed all over the world annually on 03 December. At Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon, the week leading up to this day was observed as the IDDA Week and a plethora of activities was planned for all students. The teachers of the Special Education Needs Department conducted special Assemblies for the students across grades Nursery to 12.

As part of these Assemblies conducted on 27 Nov this year, the Early Years and Lower Primary (Grade 2-3) students were shown a video called “The Crayon Box that talked” based on a poem by Shan De Rolf and directed by Tim Webb. Similarly, the Upper Primary (Grades 4-5) students were shown the much-acclaimed animated short film called “Ian”, based on a true story. The discussions with the students that followed these screenings yielded thoughts on the topics of Diversity and Inclusion respectively.

Some student reflections….

“No one colour is the most important, all colours are important”,

“Each one of us is Special”,

“We should not build boundaries around people”,

“We should accept everyone the way they are”,

Children are the ones who can change the world!

The “Silent National Anthem” was played and the students and teachers participated in it wholeheartedly.

Middle & Senior School

The students of middle and senior school started each morning with an inclusive mindset by watching videos and presentations on people who made it big in life despite the challenges they face.  A healthy discussion was witnessed each day in all the classes leading to better awareness of the challenges faced by these famous personalities. In order to deepen their understanding, some students shared wonderful insights with each other and there seemed to be a spark of inclusion felt amongst the students.  Special Thought of the Day in the morning assembly made students across the school reflect on the message that was conveyed.

Another special assembly was based on the theme “We Shall Overcome.” There was something different about the air that day. Students formed groups and portrayed what equality meant to each one of them. The soul-stirring inspirational music played in the background swayed the students to an altogether different world and helped them pen down what inclusion meant to them from their hearts. The wonderful activity was concluded by displaying the beautiful artwork outside the reception for everyone to come, see and soak in the words of wisdom shared by these young students who will have an inclusive mindset in the years to come.

Reflection boards were put up in corridors of each floor for students and teachers to pen down their thoughts based on the IDDA week.

The National Anthem played in Sign Language in the Culmination Assembly was a great success in spreading the message of “Inclusion” in the school fraternity.