InSync - The online Inter House Competitions

Although the school has now gone online, there is no reason the students shouldn't be able to “sync” with their creativity, passion and friends anymore! InSync is an online platform where middle and senior school students could participate in a series of fun asynchronous as well as synchronous online competitions and events and be able to earn points for their house for the year-end House Cup! Winners also received a school-issued e-Certificate that acknowledged their prowess.

This year saw many firsts; leading the charge was the photography competition (with nature and candid family shots being the theme), followed by “The Lockdown Monologues” (in which students were able to articulate and vent their feelings, and thereby process the norm), our first “live competition” the Sudoku challenge, followed by Haiku writing, painting (for sr. school) and singing (for middle school). The term-end grand finale was “Mic-on”, our first-ever stand-up comedy competition (our students sure knew how to tickle the funny bone!).

All in all, the Insync competitions were just what the doctor ordered – safe fun, maaza and masti!