The Hindu English Olympiad Results- Session 2019-20

Total 8 Regional Rank Holders (in the Northern region)- 3 from Grade 3: Rishabh Burman, Arnav Modi and Samiddha Bhatia; 2 from Grade 5: Sana Bose and Nishka; 2 from grade 7: Rayirth Kundu and Agastya Iyer; 1 from grade 9 : Arvik Anand; Number of children who scored 90% and above in the test 7 students from grade 3- Rishabh, Arnav, Samiddha, Rishaan, Suryaveer, Aadhya, Aaditya; 5 students from grade 4- Aarav Balyan, Nitika, Kimayra, Abeer, Shiven; 2 students from grade 5- Sana and Nishka; 1 student from grade 7- Rayirth Kundu; 2 students from grade 8- Rashmita and Rehat; 1 student from grade 9- Arvik Anand. Warmest Congratulations on the spectacular performance and achievement of our young scholars. Kudos to the their mentors as well.