Happy Hat Day & Grandparents Day

Happy Hat Day - Nursery

The Nursery corridor was full of joy and fun for two days as 'Happy Hat Day' was celebrated with fervour. Parents came with the materials required for the activity and everyone made their own unique hats. Some made itusing waste material and some used colorful stickers along with many other decorative items. It was a great opportunity for parents to bond with their children as most of them were making a hat for the first time

Grandparents Day - Nursery & Kindergarten

They are the founders of a loving legacy, best storytellers, greatest keepers of traditions and treasure of any family – 'Grand Parents'.

The Pre Primary celebrated the bond shared between a grandparent and their grandchild in an unforgettable way. To honor them 'Grand Parent's day was celebrated The excitement was at its peak amongst our little ones from the day they commenced preparing for the ‘Big Day’. Brimming with enthusiasm, love, and affection, the grandparents entered the classes looking for their grandchild. They, in turn, were met with loving, wide-eyed faces of their grandchild. All the classes carried forward the show in their own planned way which started with the welcome song sung by the students. After the introductions, there were grandparents who had volunteered to participate and perform for the children. Some sang melodious songs, few took storytelling sessions and even danced with the children! Some fun activities and games were organized by the teachers as well. It felt that within the blink of an eye it was time to say goodbye to them. The students saw off their grandparents with tight hugs and kisses, a wonderful parting gift in the form of cards or handmade pottery items were given to them.