Hands-on Science Workshop

A two hour long strong ‘Hands-on Science Workshop’ by Think Tac was conducted for the students of grades 3 to 5 within our school campus on 2nd March.

ThinkTac is pioneering hands-on experiential Science activities. This workshop was an initiative to help our students learn 'Science by doing', using simple material, followed with guided discovery through observation sheets leading to a discussion and a clear understanding of the topic.

This workshop was an initiative to help the students develop scientific thought and STEM skills required in line with 21st century skills.

The topic that got covered in the workshop was “Our Senses - Touch, Smell, Hearing"

The activities included:

·Sensitivity of skin: In the dry air of Indian winter, our lips dry quicker than skin in other body parts. Students created their own Lip Balm  and explored the sensitivity of skin on different body parts.

·Smell Ammonia: Students experienced the smell of the gas liberated through an extremely diluted chemical reaction. They also experienced the temperature change using their sense of touch.  

·Sound Vibrating Membrane: Students used a balloon as the vibrating membrane and made variations in the length of pipe to explore the impact of length on quality of sound. 

All three activities kept the students excited, highly amused and engaged for two hours. The workshop sparked interest for science in the kids and provoked lots of understanding and thinking