Visit To The Parliament Museum – Grade VIII

(Photography was prohibited and hence were not allowed to carry the camera inside the museum.)

Grade 8 students visited the Parliament Museum on 22nd March. They learnt about the museum through a lady who was part of the tourism team there; who introduced them to the different aspects of what would be in the museum. It was based on Democracy and how India had introduced it through various generations and civilizations. The children then began their journey around inside the museum and saw numerous stills from the glorious history of India. In the beginning, there were statues of women weaving, emperors with their subjects, peace missions to other countries and many other stills from the life of Indians from the past in general. Some of the displays even played audios. As a token of reverence, a small quantity of Gandhi Ji’s ashes were kept in a box and displayed in a small pot. This display got increasingly crowded as all the students wanted to see it.

They then went on to experience the most anticipated display, a simulation of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru giving one of his famous speeches ‘A Tryst With Destiny’ in the Lok Sabha. The children sat on benches identical to the ones in the Lok Sabha amongst statues of renowned politicians. The lights were dimmed and the statue of Nehru came to life under a spotlight, addressing the room full of children, an exciting and inspiring end to not only the day, but the entire year.