Unlimited Sky-World Autism day

The World Autism day is celebrated on 2nd April globally and this month is observed as the Autism Awareness Month.

We celebrate diversity at Shiv Nadar School. In keeping with this credo, a mini exhibition of the paintings of a young  7 year old student on the Autism Spectrum was organised to mark the event. The exhibition was title “ Unlimited Sky” as a child’s imagination is as vast and limitless as the sky.

28 pieces of this student’s work were selected for the display. They were an eclectic mix of cityscapes, nature studies and motorbikes rendered through the different media he works with – pencils, crayons, pastels and water colours. They were representations of how he perceives the world and expresses himself though colours.

The peers wrote messages for him after viewing his artwork.

Completely unfazed by all the adulation and admiration he received for his work, all that he wanted at the end of the day was a burger at his favourite outlet with his parents! Such is the world seen through the eyes of a person with Autism!