Parent's Collective Visit To KNMA

Our endeavour is to connect with parents through various engagements and build a strong ethos vis-à-vis art and culture. Towards this end, the Parent Art Collective of the Shiv Nadar School visited the KNMA – Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art.

Parents and children did a walkthrough of an exhibition by a septuagenarian artist Arpita Singh. This exhibition gave us an extraordinary opportunity to view the six decades of her art practice and is the first retrospective organized by the KNMA. Her art speaks about the strife of women and society at large.  Each of her work is as intimate as a diary-entry, documenting the everyday trepidation that surrounds her: thoughts, voices, events, news, and evokes different locales. One sees the psychological and political merging in her paintings. The use of flowers, text, guns and airplanes underlines her depiction of violent histories, mourning, or maybe negotiations with trauma.

A few of the canvases that fascinated the adults and children alike was a scene with lotuses (upon closer look – tanks), the map of Delhi and the depiction of the ‘golden deer’ from the Ramayan.

Post the curated walk the parents and children were treated to a ‘Coffee Workshop’ where a KNMA artist walked us through the activity.