Mango Mania - Nursery

The Nursery corridor was full of yellow and green shades all around as it was the much-awaited day for Mango Mania. As part of our theme ‘Senses’, the students of Nursery have been doing various activities involving their sense of taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound. With the end of mango season and as a culmination of the theme, we decided to celebrate an event called Mango Mania We honoured the King of fruits through the event.

Students came wearing yellow and green colored T-shirts for the celebration. There were a lot of mango products on display for example: ‘Aam Papad’, powdered mango, mango candies, mango juice, etc.  Students were also shown many varieties of real mangoes placed in various baskets and were able to smell as well as touch them. They were able to differentiate between the different varieties of mangoes through smell.

 Each class had 2 -3 parent volunteers who visited with delicious delicacies made of mangoes and they had a very interactive time with the students talking about how they prepared the dishes. The day was packed with fun activities such as ‘Pin the Mango’ and mango painting.