Making Learning Visible

"Children must be taught how to think and not what to think"- Margaret Mead

A one of a kind event that explains the above quote and showcases the children’s learning and thought process, is the "Making Learning Visible", held on 8th February 2019 for our Kindergarten parents.

Each class planned its own set of activities across the 4 strands –English, Hindi, Maths and My World. The Kindergarteners flaunted their learning and skills through interactive games, Q & A sessions and discussions with parents, who were amazed at not just the learning but also the confidence with which the children were able to independently carry through an activity.

Our young learners spoke about animals, comparing and identifying the differences between various animal’s claws and paws for the carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Games and activities were conducted to exhibit their understanding of word blends and number sense. By Kindergarten, our students know most of the “vyanjans” in Hindi, they were able to join the “vyanjans” to form small words.

Parents were amused and delighted to be put on the spot by the Kindergarteners, a satisfying sight indeed for all when the parents/students and teachers left the classrooms beaming with pride!