Joy Of Sharing - 2019

“Your abundance is not measured by what you have, it is created by

what you share.”

Heidi Catherine Culbertson

THE FUNDRAISER -Culmination of Joy of Sharing Week

Raising Proceeds through Sale & Karsewa

On the culmination day, the artistic talent of our students could be seen in the beautiful things that they had made over the week. The wish-cards, bookmarks, book chompers, envelopes, pencil holders, coasters and pebble paperweights are to name a few that were recycled out of waste resources. The colourful tie and dye scarves and wool lanterns were a treat to the eye.

The visual treat was balanced well with a (food) treat for all! Of course all at a good cost for a good cause!!

The food stalls with various savoury delights kept the taste buds tickled. Nachos, samosas, ice tea, corn salad, popcorn, jaljeera, lime-squash, masala peanuts, ice lollies and coconut laddoos were relished by one and all.

The Karaoke corner kept everyone entertained with melodious songs and requests. The exciting games’ stalls added to the thrill quotient and enjoyed thoroughly by all and sundry.

Last but not least, our young car wipers made the day of many who got their vehicles ‘Gleamy Clean’ at the car wash stall.

The White Elephant Sale

The students across the school enthusiastically contributed towards the White Elephant Sale by bringing in many things from home. Needless to say, it was a huge hit and a great way to recycle and reuse resources!

The students of grade 10 have collaborated with Varitra Foundation (Capstone Project) and are training / grooming the rural women to market and sell their merchandise using the modern IT tools. The students put up a stall to spread awareness about the creative skills of the rural workers and the merchandise that is available on sale (through social platforms).

Building Compassion - Passing the baton to the generation next

A sum of Rs 20,000 was donated by the organising committee of Battle of Bands. Vansh Kapoor, Head Boy and also a member of the organising committee shared “We have grown up being a part of Joy of Sharing and want to continue to be a part of this”.  

The proceeds from the sale made on the day of culmination will be contributed to helping the NGOs - Varitra Foundation and  Ritinjali, who have been working in Gurgaon and rural areas of our country to accomplish the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the areas of Education, Good Health & Well-Being, Gender Equality, Decent Work & Economic Growth, Industry Innovation & Infrastructure.

Preview to Joy Of Sharing culmination

We plan and schedule events in each academic year aiming to bring about changes in the attitude(s) and behaviour(s) of our students. These events are planned to inculcate and strengthen values in our students in a manner that they form an integral part of their character, defining their behaviour.
Not only does the event promote the feeling of ‘caring’ and ‘sharing’ but also helps them appreciate the importance of service and labour. The ‘Joy of Sharing Week’ at Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon was organized from  Monday, 15th July to Saturday, 20th July 2019. The whole school came together to experience the ‘Joy(s) of Sharing’ through a series of well-planned activities. We are delighted to share a few glimpses from the week that upheld and reinforced our core values, Integrity, Respect and Compassion, Sense of Purpose and Responsibility, Commitment to Excellence, Life Long Learning, Openness and Transparency.


 Nurturing Mother Earth

(Nursery and Kindergarten)

Making Paperweights made out of Clay

Planters made from used plastic bottles

Young Earth  Saviours  (Grade 1)

Bowls, bird feeder and paper bags made of recycled paper and other materials

The senior school students have adopted the ‘Pahari Road” outside the school and are working to make it a clean and green space. The school has been granted permission from the MCG for the purpose.


The Lil’ ones of Nursery helped their class did by taking up the cleaning responsibilities of their classes.

The students of Kindergarten made nutritious chocolate balls for their Didis and Bhaiyas.

The Joy of Sharing began with the ‘Circle Time’ in the primary school where students discussed how to be ethical, respectful, happy and purposeful citizens of society.

The students brainstormed ideas for putting up different stalls to make the event a success. As the week progressed, students collaborated to make posters for their stalls, brought material and created beautiful art and craftwork.

It was a humbling experience for the students of grade 6, as they served breakfast to Didis and Bhaiyas during the Joy of Sharing. 

The didi and bhaiya enjoyed the hot idlis, vermicelli, poori aloo, pickle-parantha served by the happy and eager students. The sixth graders enjoyed serving them as a gesture of gratitude for the around the clock service rendered by the housekeeping staff.


The students from Ritinjali School visited the students of Nursery and Kindergarten. A fun-filled day with story-telling, games, music, dance and a goody bag as a parting gift made the day memorable for all! They played outdoors, shared snacks and enjoyed art-craft activities. The ‘Joy of sharing’ week continues next week too as children plan to visit ‘Neev’.  They will present books and pencils to the children of ‘Neev’.

The middle school students created toys that work on scientific principles for students from the Ritinjali Basti School. Rover craft, Water sprinkler, a Balloon rocket, Spectroscope, Dancing doll, Flying rocket, Balancing puppet, Humpty Dumpty boy are a  few toys that were presented to the students from the Ritinjali school. The gesture allowed the students from both the school to build a warm and affectionate bond.

The students of Sshakt, a community club basket have made many things to raise funds for the culmination day of ‘Joy of Sharing’ (week).  Handmade paper bags, multi-coloured crayons, gift tags, price tags, earrings, decorative pom-poms, woollen posters etc are to name a few.