Grade IX students educational tour to New York

The National Model United Nations 2018 conference conducted in Hotel Hilton and Sheraton from 25th-29th March in New York was an educational, enlightening and enthralling experience. Since it is an event in the world at a college level, it hosted around 5000 students this year. The sheer magnitude and diversity of the conference and students participating, credits the participants and organizers with the quality of mindfulness, responsibility and eagerness to sustain and develop the world we all reside in. Interacting with other participants, as delegates of member states and as students of Grade IX Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon and from different parts of the world increased our knowledge about the world and gave insight to the different perspective of people. The whole experience also improved our debating and negotiating skills.


At the opening ceremony we had the honor of meeting Professor Luis Moreno-Ocampo and other personalities who are active global citizens. The theme for this year was “Transform Our World”, in order to promote the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals and to find solutions to problems effecting the fulfillment of prosperous lives for all.


Since this conference requires weeks of preparation, research, writing as well as embodying the diplomatic and collaborative spirit of the United Nations, the participants were seen to be united and collaborative without much competitiveness hindering their progress towards finding adequate solutions to current global problems. There were certainly attempts to gives ones best to distinguish oneself from the majority during committee sessions, be it through speeches, leadership, quality of content and also ‘clothes’.


The NMUN was different from the Shiv Nadar School MUN in terms of size, involvement of students, creativity and also diversity.. The creative solutions incorporated in the resolutions of the NMUN delegates was eye opening. They viewed the problems with an open mind and different perspective. As mentioned before the participation of people from different countries and cultures provided diversity in views. Delegate seminars were conducted where topics ranging from a media panel to discussions on climate change, disarmament etc. were addressed.


The closing ceremony held at the (real) General Assembly Hall were very exciting as few civilians actually get a chance to visit the Hall. We were addressed by high-level speakers of the United Nations organization who gave an insight on what a global citizen actually is. It was truly an inspirational and enjoyable experience which increased my knowledge a ten fold times and stretched my capabilities.