Capstone Project

As a part of the Robotics and IT classes in school, the students are introduced to the concept of conceiving and designing a project “Capstone Project” It was great to witness how they translated the classroom knowledge to solve a real life problem

Posture Perfect Device

Four students of grade X developed  a portable,cost effective and user friendly Posture Perfect Device which sends alerts for sitting in wrong position but also notifies the number of times people sit in that posture.

The brain child of Taniska Sahay, Navya Sachdeva, Aryan Verma,Tejasv Rastogi,the device works on the artificial Intelligence in correcting the posture of those who spend long hours sitting in the wrong position resulting in "text neck".the device consist of mountable cameras which capture the live video stream of body posture in the form of image frames, which is then processed by an AI computer system. It calculates the distance and angles between the different body parts like nose,neck ,left and right shoulder .After an interval of 30 minutes the user is notified about their correct and incorrect posture.

The project has won

 PHD Chamber of Commerce – Junior Asthithva  Sanman.

 IIT Tryst Delhi -1st prize in Technovations 2019 - The Science of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligent Traffic Light System.

A team of 4 students Shreya Raju, Om Shelat, Ira sidhu and  Soumya juneja designed an intelligent traffic management system that works on real time sensing and image processing of traffic to reduce the wait  time of commuters at the traffic lights. It is a simple adaptable Artificial Intelligent based traffic light using a camera and micro controller which can modify the red/green distribution time at each junction dynamically. This would cut down the fleet time of commuters, reduce air pollution and also avert potential accident due to frustration and road rage.

This low cost compatible project received significant media attention.

Awards : The project bagged different prestigious awards

PHD Chamber of Commerce – Junior Asthithva  Sanman.

CSIR Innovation Award

Pramerica Spirit Of Community Awards 2019