Athletic Meet - Primary

The glory of sports comes from dedication, determination and desire. As the wise say “In the dust of defeat as well as the laurels of victory there is glory to be found if one has done his best.” We celebrate participation much before we celebrate a victory or mourn defeat.

The balmy day at Shiv Nadar school started with the “Athletic meet 2019” for Grade III, IV and V and non - competitive events for Grade I & II. A torch, which is a symbol of knowledge that dispels darkness, was lit by our Primary School Head, Ms. Priya Nanda who then declared the meet open. The young council members and house representatives from the four houses- Lion House, Tiger House, Leopard house and Panther house carried the torch around the field and pledged to imbibe the true spirit of sportsmanship. The students of Grade III, IV and V ran across the field in different races to reach the target line. Every race brought loud cheers from their peers for their friends as well as their houses to motivate and encourage them. The individual events were followed by Gymnastics display which demonstrated concentration, flexibility and balance that is required to perform with grace and agility. It highlighted the importance and need of teamwork to grow and excel together.

Students of grade I, II participated in different themed races including my creation, getting ready for the party, go green, hurdle race and puzzle race. This was followed by a display of a martial arts drill by the students of Grade II that left the audience mesmerized, the students of Grade I participated in different themed races including packing the bags, toothpick ballista, hungry frogs, hoop- scotch and obstacle race. The event culminated on a high note for everyone.