Anandam - Primary

The essence of AHA curriculum at school motivates our students to explore, to seek, to find the different art forms. This year long learning culminated into Anandam for Grade 1 to 4

Grade 1 - 2

Music Basket performed a euphonic medley of Patriotic Song” Padhengey Likhenge” and Jambalaya, Japanese Folk song in the western music.

Dance Basket students showcased Kathak Mudra welcoming the spring. Manipuri dance was based on the Baul Song from West Bengal and it was the Bharatnatyam dance basket who did the foot stomping Bhangra.

Theatre Basket: The theatrical performances of Fairy Tales with twist brought laughter from the audience.

Grade 3 - 4

Music basket sang a beautiful composition in Raag Malkauns and theme songs of the soap operas.

Dance basket performances were magical. Bharatnatyam dance - Vaishnava Jana, Manipuri dance - Radha Roop Varnan and Kathak -  Krishna and Gopi.

A thought provoking play “ Appropriate Audience Behaviour” was scripted and performed by the students themselves. A fractured fairy tale and ‘Party on the Moon' were also performed.

 Art Basket students painted a colourful abstract artwork which was done live on the stage it left the audience spellbound. The grade 1 and 2 display included the work of Lion house students in the realm of art and creativity, in clay modelling, terracotta relief sculpture, sketching, ink- blot painting, bottle art, paper collage and origami. The exhibits illustrated the innovation, creativity and talent of the young learners and spoke of the effort put in by them.