The “Protean” tour

The "Protean" tour

International exposure and good mentoring go a long way in shaping the budding talent of our young cricketers into tomorrow’s professionals. In our student version of the “joint military exercises”, we sent a team of 12 players under the tutelage of 2 teachers to learn and maybe teach a thing or two to the Proteas.

The Proteas or The South African Cricket Team is a team to reckon with. Their student version lived up to that repute, but our “Pride” were no less. Despite the tough competition, of the 8 matches played we won 6! The feather in the Shiv Nadar School cap was the stupendous achievement of playing matches of 40 overs. A feat applauded by the hosts and their mentors too. The hosts were represented by 4 prominent schools and 2 clubs, KZN and Chatsworth Club.

Chatsworth Club is famous for its star player AB DeVillers, a cricketing legend.

Team Shiv Nadar School was mentored by the current Director of South African Cricket Board Mr. Shaun Warner and CSA level 2 coach Mr Craig Yelverton from Ireland.

Along with the honour of playing with worthy opponents, our students also won some distinguishments, like T-shirts and caps.

Aarav Desai scored 2 centuries against The Hillcrest High School and a half-century against Chatsworth club

Sanket Agarwal scored a hattrick against Winterton Primary School.

Krishang Sehrawat earned the best wicketkeeping cap.

Siddhanth Biswal, at 11years, was the youngest player across all the teams.

Aryan Vadera scored 225 runs and took 2 wickets.

Soham Dawar scored 135 runs and took 8 wickets.

The culmination of the fortnight visit to Durban, South Africa, was the chance to play at the Oval at Petersburg, the 2003 world cup final stadium. The grand finale match was against a team of senior players, some of whom play at County level, our boys stood up to the challenge and were victorious.

All work (play) and no sightseeing would leave the tour incomplete, on their way back from Durban to Johannesburg the teams visited the Oshaka Beach jungle safari and Dolphin show. An apt end to a successful tour.