GSL Global Goals Competition 2020-21

Shiv Nadar Schools vision is to provide Education for Life, committed to create a habitat of learning for the new age learner, providing interdisciplinary learning to our students and helping them to become responsible global citizens. Giving shape to this philosophy, we continuously engage our students through various programs and participation. This year our Senior School students were given the opportunity to participate in the GSL Global Goals Competition.

The GSL Global Goals Competition develops students' understanding of global citizenship and helps to turn their ideas into reality through social actions. This competition aims to develop and action projects in the duration of 6 months that helps to achieve UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 

Students from 76 countries participated in the competition with the theme - Small Actions, Big Impact. They focused on how we can create ripple effects of change and harness our passions to make the world a better place.

Five teams from Shiv Nadar School Noida participated in the competition. They submitted the final report of their project, leading to a positive social change and achieving the United Nations Global Goals. The judges were impressed by the quality of projects and the meaningful impact young people at Shiv Nadar School have delivered.

Two teams were declared the winners of the GSL Global Goals Competition 2020-21 and achieved Commendation Awards in categories of Social Media Champions (TEAM Caring Cohorts) and Collaboration Awards (TEAM SKILL IT) for outstanding achievement in communications and in recognition of teams that have foraged lasting partnerships with organizations or community to further their aims respectively. 

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