Funkaar - Primary

Funkaar is an initiative of the Shiv Nadar Schools that augments the scope of learning, extending it beyond the constraints of the essential subjects of language, mathematics and sciences. The Primary school celebrated this day by inviting parents and sharing their learning.

Students across the grades worked on diverse themes, building and strengthening their understanding through integrated and experiential experiences, translated into poems, songs, quiz, art and design works.

A full week of fun and learning culminated in a show-case inviting parents to revel and take part in the various activities that the students conducted with great aplomb and style!


Gr. 2 worked on the theme of “Culture and Festivals”. Students learnt about the festivals, rituals, traditions, customs, languages spoken and clothes worn in different parts of the country through various activities incorporated in their classroom sessions.


Gr. 3 took up the theme of “Food and Nutrition”, The students were divided into 5 groups;

  1. Digestive system
  2. Energy giving
  3. Bodybuilding
  4. Disease fighting
  5. Haryana & Telangana-Comparative study groups.

This process involved learning values of cooperation, patience and collaboration.


Gr. 4 had “Market” as their theme, creating groups to explore the topics of;

  1. What is a market?
  2. Types of a market
  3. Changes in the market scenario
  4. Coping up with the new normal
  5. Demand & Supply.

A wonderful comparison was depicted on the changes in the market scenario from a century ago, then with the advancement in currency and human civilization, the changes in the market scenario from last year to this year, understanding the changed demands during the pandemic.


Gr. 5 centred “Force and Motion” as their theme, a fundamental to all matter in the universe and integral parts of our daily lives. Newton's 3 laws of motion were explored in detail to understand how forces interact with objects to influence motion.  Key forces like gravity, friction, and magnetism were also discussed. 


The aim of Funkaar is achieved through various planned endeavours during which students build and collaborate their understanding, establishing profound and authentic “Education for Life”.