Funkaar -Grade I

Grade 1 students culminated their unit- ‘Communication’- throught the event ‘Funkaar’ held on 13 th December, 2019. During the theme, the children learnt various topics ranging from ‘forms of communication, types of communication, expressing emotions and feelings through various means and more. By the end of the theme, the children were able to successfully identify communication as an important skill for building meaningful association and relationships.The students also learnt about the significance of communicating effectively and processing their sentiments using verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.

Through ‘Funkaar’ the students mastered the art of communication by being confident in presenting:
 their ideas and thoughts,
 reciting dohas and poems in Hindi
 helping their parents in processing their emotions and making them say aloud their affirmations
 mapping feelings using a bar graph
 sharing fun facts
 saying ‘Hello & Thank you’ in various global languages
 enacting the importance of not miscommunicating
 explaining the timeline of communication.
 and, most importantly taking written feedback to further. polish their presentation skills.

The students were also involved in creating various posters,vocabulary cards in both English and Hindi, board displays, poems and dialogues. Each student could be seen transformed into a little an effective communicator, explaining in great details all the work they’d put on display. They enthralled their audience with their
sincere performance through the day.