Founder's week - Joy of Sharing

Our Founder’s week celebrated as Joy of Sharing is in tandem with the philanthropic vision of our Founder.  It is important that the students learn to express their gratitude through sharing, nurturing their compassionate and caring traits. 

This was best explained by this year’s newest entrants to the School, our Nursery batch, sharing began in his “mummy’s tummy” with his twin brother.

Since the celebrations were online, charity truly began at home. The activities acknowledge and share our gratitude to those who are less privileged, to those who are helping us!  The students were encouraged to help with household chores, spend time with elderly grandparents and reach out to the extended family members, share their toys with siblings, cook surprise meals, feed animals, do something extra special for the guards/delivery boys and more. 

Each day was filled with exciting story sessions, making gratitude cards to express what they were thankful for,  learning about famous personalities such as Mother Teresa, Baba Amte and Kailash Satyarthi, understanding how their efforts made a huge difference in people’s life.

The teaching staff too got together to share dry rations with the didis and bhaiyas, many students did the same at home with the help of their parents, by donating food and other resources.

Although the Joy of Sharing is celebrated for a week, the spirit of giving is inculcated in our students all year round.