Visit to National Museum

 To take a deeper dive into history and special focus on Indus valley Civilization students of grade 6 were taken to the National Museum located at Janpath Road New Delhi.

 The enthusiastic students were oriented before embarking on their visit and given an activity booklet on Harrappa. The activity booklet designed as a treasure hunt activity compelled students to view the artefacts and find answers to the questions given in the booklet. Students scanned the Harrappa Gallery and displays in a focused manner to know and understand and answer the questions given in the activity booklet.

The students looked at the presentations with interest and awe. Thy appreciated the designs on the clay pottery,the small scales and weights and the skeleton diaplayed spurred their curiosity and  many questions were put to the teachers.

The booklet had questions on  the various tools excavated from the various sites of Indus valley civilization and their uses. The students were very satisfied on being able to find answers and complete the treasure hunt. The students were then taken around the Shunga, Mauryan ,Kushan,Gupta and Buddhist galleries.

The visit culminated with a visit to the Anubhav Gallery designed for persons who are visually challenged and visitors are allowed to touch the artefacts for an experiential learning.





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