Visit to the historic Lal Qila

Students of grade 8 and 7 visited the strategically important monument of Delhi being the capital city for a good two hundred years of the Mughal rule later taken over by the British. The citadel Lal Qila or Red Fort was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1638 with red sandstone, took nearly a decade to complete along with the new city named as Shahjahanbad. Students experienced the grandeur of the monument in the one kilometre walk along it to the entrance of the monument from Lahori gate.

They were interested to know about the moat around the fort the purpose of constructing them. The great height of the wall with vents and towers used by soldiers to keep guard and vigilant eye on the city surrounding it fascinated the students. To their right they were shown the towering minarets of Jama Masjid, the rising steeples of the Jain Bird Hospital and the Gauri Shankar white and gold Nagara style temple beside it.

Students were excited and awed by the structure as they assembled at the entrance.Students visited the  First War Of Independence Museum in the vicinity and got interested in the visuals and facts they were learning from the presentations. The vast expanse of the fort with the Diwan- a-Aam and the difference in architecture in comparison to Diwan-a-Khas was discussed with the students.  It was a very fruitful visit for the students

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