From the Principal's Desk: Newsletter

Dear Parent

Though the  summer moves on relentlessly, the vacations come to a close and school reverberates with the sounds and laughter of children. 

Its wonderful to welcome them back.

The summer months have been long, blistering yet interestingly with lot of work on ground, accomplished. Phase 2 of the North Block is nearing completion. By July 15th we should be able to use the Multi Purpose Hall. It comprises an indoor basket ball court, badminton court,  climbing wall and the scope to play multiple games. 

The new computer lab is a state of art facility for our young minds, exciting and full of possibilities. It will be inaugurated very soon.

Squash will commence for students from early August as soon as the coach joins us. He has been appointed. 

Abhilasha, the Badminton coach, who is on board, ensures that we start the game right away.

June is about training. The teachers have had several hours of in-depth, rigorous in service training, inductions and workshops, pivoting around best, global pedagogical practices that add strength and dimension to everyday teaching- learning in school. The goal is to design multidisciplinary links across grades, take stock of student learning and progress, up-skill and re-skill ourselves. 

We have also been studying the National Education Policy Draft 2019 and will be posting our suggestions on the HRD ministry portal in few days from now. Its a voluminous document projecting several changes for the education sector. 

You will be glad to know that we will introduce the French language from grades 4 upwards, from July. We have also appointed an additional German teacher, adding value to the Foreign language department. 

Grades 6, 7,8,9 enjoyed their Outbound educational tour to Uttrakhand and Sariska in the month of May. They returned with a repository of radiant memories and as more independent youngsters. 

Nine students of middle school traveled to Vienna and Milan for an Arts immersion program under the aegis of Culture Fox. Their learnings are clearly unmatchable. 

Seven students from grade 8 and 9 traveled to USA under the NASA program and also visited the Harvard College and the MIT campus. They returned with stories of extraordinary experiences.

In May, parents of grade 6 witnessed live demonstration of the digital program in grade 6. As you know, we introduced I Pads in grade 6 this session as an effective 21st C tool to teaching-learning. Their encouraging feedback validates and adds impetus to our digital program.

The Sports team has spent a large part of the summer in the camp, building, training the team undeterred. Our young under 14 cricket team recently won against Eicher School and two other schools in the vicinity. 

The girls basket ball team is all set to leave for Serbia, in Europe, in July. They are training hard and diligently.

In mid July, we will host the Faridabad District Basketball Match, under 14 Girls, in our school. We are delighted to wrest that opportunity and organise the matches for the participating schools of Faridabad. A first !

Model United Nations training is already underway. Students of grade 7 started their training from June 24th. Rose and Emily, the 2 trainers from Alma College, Michigan, USA are here to coach and mentor grades 7 to 9th students. This will culminate into our 2nd MUN conference on July 25th.

July promises to be an intense, packed month. We look forward to celebrating Fathers' day in Nursery and Kindergarten. 

Joy of Sharing is scheduled for mid July and with your support we are aiming for a big fund raiser this year round too. I will soon share with you the Charity we will be supporting.

It is also time to elect a new Council and grades 3 to 9 will battle it out at the hustings in July. The election campaign, the exciting manifestos, inspiring speeches and secret vote, all lead to building leadership, communication, decision making skills and a strong pupil voice in the school. 

The Career Guidance Cell in the school is picking up pace and Geetika is leading it with gusto and a hand on the pulse on the changing times in Higher Studies and employ ability.

Come July, we will start the After School Arts program grades 3 upwards offering Theatre, Dance, Music , Arts, and more twice a week. We hope many students will avail opportunity and enjoy the possibilities of going beyond the Aha curriculum.

There is indeed more happening on ground, Kargil Diwas will be observed in July. Admissions 2020 will commence soon. You will receive updates from the admission cell. Workshop for parents on our Junior math program and Phonetics are lined up. Coffee Morning and Evenings are round the bend. We will inform you of the date and hour.

Reading is a defining culture of the Shiv Nadar School. We insist you read to your child, encourage him/her to read and invest in physical books too. There is nothing that comes close to the texture, feel and experience of a 'real' book and our children mustn't be bereft of that joy.

Data and research shows that regular and continuous reading of books outside the curriculum improves school performance, positively impacts grades and marks. Of course, it opens up a whole new world of ideas, literature, science, and beyond. Its influence touches infinity. 

Seeing the enthusiasm in our parents, we are inaugurating our Book Lovers'Club this month, a club driven by parents and supported by the school. Over a 100 parents have signed up for it. Meeting will be held once a month over the weekend in the school campus. Please connect with Shivani Bhandari and Bhagyalaxmi for details.

This is peep into our school programs and progress. It is hard to detail the nuances and essence of innumerable learning opportunities we endeavour to offer.

It is always a pleasure to write to you and share our journey. Do feel free to write into me, your thoughts and views.


Best regards, 

Anju Wal


Shiv Nadar School