Newsletter Vol.3 from the Principal's Desk

Dear Parent

Three weeks of the New Year are underway, the children are back where they belong, the laughter fills our corridors and the sun shines brighter on Shiv Nadar School. Wishing you a Happy, Engaging, Meaningful and Joyful New Year. May your aspirations be fulfilled and you remain healthy and robust through the year.

We closed the year with some interesting, significant and impactful events.

The students of Grades 7 and 8 stood first in the Regional Round, Northern Region, Robotics Championship. They proceed to Bangalore in the first week of February for the National Round.

Dr. Amrita Dass, the iconic Career Counsellor, Founder Director of International Career Studies organisation, led a session on career counselling for grade 8 parents and students in December.

Middle School students marked C V Raman Day with a day dedicated to STEM presentations, experiments, explorations and gaming stalls.

On their journey of steady independence, grades 3 and 4 spent a night in the school late November and did the many splendoured things they wouldn’t otherwise on a Friday evening at home. I am sure they shared their experiences with you.

Our first time participation in the Carol Singing Competition at the Holy Child Auxilium School, Delhi made us immensely proud. Grades 3, 4, 5 students of AHA Western Music picked up the first prize and left their imprint on the event with aplomb.

We also picked up the second prize at the Inter School Folk Dance Competition. Our dance theme belonged to Sambalpuri folk dance of Odisha.

Basketball girls’ team has trained and played matches, gaining strength and moving notches ahead in stamina, skill and spirit.

In the 3rd week of December, we organised an Art Festival, inviting stalwarts from the Art World. Artists, Manu Parekh, Jayshree Burman, Gogi Saroj Pal, Pradeep Maitra and more took sessions, art workshops with grade 4 to 12 students. Students from Noida and Gurgaon School too participated in the day-long Art immersion program.

We closed the year with a Music and Food carnival as you know. Thank you for joining in the revelry with evocative food, electrifying music and ‘let your hair down moment’. We clocked a footfall of over 3000 or more people from our community.

The New Year brings tidings of gathering momentum in the last tri-semester of this session. The phase 2 of our building is coming up with state of art facilities of squash and badminton courts, swimming and a vast running track.  The multi-purpose hall is quite incredible and will be with us by July 2019.

We will soon invite you for its inaugural.

The New Year has begun with our Middle School students Graphics and Robotic teams blazing through 10 teams of Gurgaon Schools at the Techno Fest, at Presidium Gurgaon, winning the trophy for both Robotics and Graphics in Junior and Senior Category.

And now round the bend are few significant events you would like to note:

Republic Day - Flag Hoisting on 26th January at 9 am

Anandam in February for grades 1 to 8

Nursery and Kindergarten Learning Walk Days

Kindergarten Long Fridays in February – Transition to grade 1

Final Examination for Middle School, 15th February commencement.

Start of Coffee Evenings across 1 to 8.

Post Admission Orientation Days in March

Close of Term on 16th March.


These are some of the highlights I share with you. Every day is rewarding to see the growth, movement, and learning curve of each child, perceive the pangs of the young adolescents in our midst, revel in their Eureka moments and be the anchor in their journey to adulthood. We stand fortified each morning with an undeterred eye on our vision, our core values in our mind, and unconditional love for our children in our hearts.


With Best Regards

Anju Wal


Shiv Nadar School



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