Majkhali : A journey in the wilderness

The objective of the Outbound Learning Experience , OLE, at the Middle School stage is to ignite the inquisitiveness of the child for nature and the environment at large.

The OLE allows children to engage in exploratory activities and experience the nature up and close to facilitate acquisition of essential life skills and to apply these to real life contexts, beyond routine life. 

The trip was organized in collaboration with Edterra and wias conducted between 26th May (Sunday) – 30th (Thursday) May, 2019.

The students engaged in various activities like Early morning trek, where they undertook 4 hours long trek with breaks in the middle to reach a hilltop temple on the first day. The students also spent time settling down in their new surroundings and room mates. Post lunch the students were divided in two groups, where one group participated in valley crossing , the other group worked on treasure hunt.

The second day the students participated in adventure sports, rappelling and survival tactics. They also made Maggi and very proudly fed all the teachers. The evening Bonfire was full of stories about Tigers, leopards and other majestic cats

The last day in the camp was about introducing the students to the emerging technologies of blog writing and podcast.

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