Shiv Nadar School Career Guidance Centre (CGC) is very nascent in Faridabad campus. It is a non-judgmental, open-minded space to connect and collaborate with students to make them future ready in the ways that best resonate with each child's personality. The CGC gives concrete shape to students' goals and interests, options for higher studies and ultimately, career choices, in a supportive environment.

The CGC has a clear mandate to create a cadre of young people well-equipped to decide their paths forward into the world beyond school. It provides excellent tools, programmes and platforms so that children make confident and informed choices.


Walk the Talk is one such initiative wherein experts from different fields come to talk to students. Such sessions serve to dispel existing queries regarding certain career choices, as well as to inform students on new and emerging professional and academic domains

You will be happy to know that we hosted our first 'Walk the Talk' session with RJ RAHUL MAKIN wherein he shared his journey, experiences, challenges and various opportunities that came his way.

He talked about the importance of reading and to be updated about the world around. He spoke about his success mantra with our young scholars i.e. one should follow his/her passion with complete dedication, hard work and right attitude. He shared some really great insights and real-life stories which had a positive impact on our children.  He said “Just be yourself, as you cannot mask yourself for too long’. He stated that every individual should identify that one innate talent that he/she is born with and pursue it wholeheartedly. 

There were two special things about the session, one that we had RJ Rahul Makin on board and second that the show was hosted by and for the students of Shiv Nadar School.

Our Grade 9 students found the session an enjoyable learning experience.