Education for Life

Education for life (EFL) is one of its kind initiate designed and curated by our CEO Col. Gopalkarunakaran for Grade 9 students which aims at providing exposure and engagement to navigate and succeed in life beyond school.

It is a student centred holistic life skills development program designed for imparting critical life lessons to equip students of grade 9 to be better prepared to enter their adulthood.

Mark Twain once said,” Don’t let schooling interfere with your education”. It is imperative to expand our traditional field of study which may be insufficient for understanding the challenges of working in the real world.

We at Shiv Nadar School believe that apart from the academic excellence our children need knowledge, skill and attitude to face a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Program Outline:

The Education for Life program will offer topics/themes to students from grades 9 & 11 which are relevant to the present times and are beyond the scope of the curriculum addressed in schools. Themes chosen for this program are scaffold to activate the collective intellectual abilities of the students and will target different skills which will support the dynamic development curve that is seen in students entering adolescence. Below is the list of suggestive topics/themes:

  • Post-Independence History of India

Topic: Post Independence History

  • Year’47- Independence, Partition, Partition, Pakistan and war
  • Year’62-The Chinese Conflict
  • Year’75 -The National Emergency
  • Year’89- The Barbi Incident
  • Year’91 -The Economic Liberalization



  • Effective and Dynamic  Communication
  • Health and Nutrition, Know your body
  • Non-Googleable Questions


  • Each theme is broken down to modules, delivered by subject/domain experts and industry veterans
  • Program facilitators from Media, Corporates, Professional Development terrain to bridge the divide between school and outside world
  • Curriculum curated after thorough analysis of current scenario and needs of the future
  • 18 hours of deep engagement per child, spread across 8 months


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