Afsana by Rituparna Ghosh

On 27th April 2019, children's of age group 6-8 years ( Grade 1-3) of Shiv Nadar School, attended a story telling session titled as Afsana by Rituparna Ghosh at Radisson Blu , Faridabad . Rituparna Ghosh has an eminent personality and was so real into her character while narrating the story to the students. The story began with a song where few lines were said by the narrator and then humming was done by the students and the audience present in the hall. She even used props to introduce certain sounds like of rain, and by herself she produced sounds of different animals that were the part of the story. Not only  this she even chosen few people from the audience to play the characters of the story which she was reciting.

The story was all about being of what an individual is and not thinking to be perfect, because every time there will be some imperfections which one would have. Like a lotus flower blooms in the morning and then closes it's petal at night , knowing that it can only bloom in the morning , similarly one should be happy and satisfied of what the individual is rather than questioning it.

The students enjoyed the story shared by Ms. Ghosh and had a great time over there. They even received a small token of gift by the team of the story telling session organizers and they were happy at the end. 

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