“आम और शरारत”

The season of the “King of Fruits” was celebrated as the “Mango Day” on 10th July 2019 at Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad. The days’ activities were planned, integrating My World theme - ‘Summer Season - Fruits’ with language and numeracy. Nursery teachers presented a play on the story “आम और शरारत” introducing mango as the ‘King of Fruits’, building vocabulary and sharing the various products we get from mango. Post the play, teachers set up stalls in the school and pretended to sell mangos. The children were excited to buy mangoes using the blocks as money. Adding to the experience, the children were later served mangoes to explore the smell, texture and taste of the fruit. Back in the classroom, children were happily engaged in the craft activity of tearing and pasting on  mango cut outs.  A fun filled day thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

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