Faridabad Cambridge IGCSE Grade 10: Remarkable Results!

The First IGCSE Grade 10 batch has shown an outstanding performance at the March 23 exam series.

Our School Topper for the March 2023 series is Neeyati Saini with 7 A* (Results for May series subjects are awaited)

The school average is 86%
No child scored below C in any subject for the required 7 subjects.

Of the 14 students who appeared for the exam:

  • 9 students studied 8 different subjects each,
  • 3 students studied 7 different subjects each and
  • 2 students studied 6 different subjects each

The last leg of the examination ended in the May 2023 series and that result will be declared in August 2023.

All our students qualify for the Cambridge ICE award.

Ten students completed their ICE qualifying subjects
9 have achieved a Distinction
1 student has achieved Merit Certification.

The goal of our school is certainly academic excellence but it’s not the only goal. The vision is to build in our students the universal values and timeless qualities of Resilience, Integrity, Commitment, Kindness, Gratitude, Respect and more, built only through lived experiences and impressions of a Shiv Nadar School life.

If our students remain Lifelong Learners and carry a sense of joy in everything they do, we believe our vision is translated in each one of them.

A school that rests on the tenets of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and opens a world of possibilities for all children to become the best version of themselves. We know how to balance multiple boards and the equilibrium between IB, IGCSE and CBSE is key to learning and skill building in our school.

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