Exploring the magic of books and the festive spirit - Literary Week (18th- 22nd December, 2023)

Literary Week involves embarking into the world of books, imagination, and creativity. To promote the love for books and reading, the Early Years celebrated Literary Week from 18th to 22nd December 2023. Keeping the festive spirit in mind, the theme for this year was Christmas. The story selected for the week was ‘Santa’s Christmas’, While the story was narrated to the children in their own homerooms, they also came together in the South Block Amphitheatre to witness and enjoy the story through different storytelling techniques.

Day 1: Draw and Tell

The story ‘Santa’s Christmas’ was narrated to the children through Draw and Tell. While the story was being narrated, a few teachers illustrated the story on canvas to ignite the imagination of the minds of the children through the art of drawing, helping them understand the illustrations in the storybook.

Day 2: Enact and Engage

Day 2 saw the children thoroughly enjoying when the story was brought to life in a compelling and interactive way through ‘enact’ and ‘engage’. The characters came to life creating a perfect atmosphere for the festive season.

Day 3: Homeroom engagements

The day was spent in homeroom engagements that included Show & Tell  by Nursery, Buddy Reading by KG to FY, and Grade 2 to the students of Nursery. It was a day to enhance the children's confidence while having fun.

Day 4: Assembly by Nursery Kanha

The young learners of Nursery Kanha conducted the assembly on Day 4. Starting with what they like to do in winter, they enacted the story ‘Santa’s Christmas’. The assembly ended with the National Anthem.

Day 5: Musical Enactment

The Amphitheatre was turned into a magical place with the enactment of the story ‘Santa’s Christmas’ through a musical enactment conducted by the teachers. The characters came alive through their dialogues, singing, and dancing, and filled the air with cheer and joy. The Amphitheater was turned into a magical place with the energy of the teachers' musical enactment bringing to life the story of 'Santa's Christmas'. The children also sang their favourite Christmas carols. The combination of dialogues, singing, and dancing created a festive atmosphere, spreading joy and cheer all around, creating a delightful experience for everyone.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas was celebrated with an abundance of joy and cheer on the 22nd of December 2023 by the children of Early Years. The day was meticulously planned as a fun-filled event catered for our young ones and was called ‘The Gruffalo’s Party’. The Early Years students delighted in playing a variety of games at the 'Gaming Zone,' where laughter and excitement filled the air. They further enlivened the festive spirit by showcasing their dance moves on the 'Dance Floor,' accompanied by their enthusiastic teachers and peers. One of the highlights of the day was a mesmerizing 'Magic Show,' which captivated the children and proved to be an immense hit. Engaging in creativity, the children immersed themselves in decorating their respective classes and crafting various Christmas-themed artworks, fostering a delightful atmosphere. Additionally, they were treated to a special assembly led by their teachers, featuring a musical enactment of the enchanting story 'Santa's Christmas.' As the celebrations drew to a close, the day culminated with Santa himself, extending warm wishes and distributing delightful goodies, leaving the children with cherished memories. It was undeniably an unforgettable and heartwarming celebration for all involved.


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