Experience Shiv Nadar School’s “Education for Life” Philosophy at Chennai!

The intrinsic value schooling adds to a young learner’s life goes beyond classroom interactions. As our Director of Education, Dr. Shashi Banerjee, surmises, “Our approach (must be) rooted in doing the smallest things with true intent”. Every child’s learning journey follows a unique fingerprint; therefore, a pedagogical approach that nurtures their capabilities and skills is best suited to realize their true potential.

At Shiv Nadar School, we pride ourselves in creating unparalleled learning experiences for young minds. We encourage individual expression, challenging the status quo, and imparting value-based lessons rooted not only in winning but also in learning from our failures. As World Champion in Public Speaking, Mr. Dananjaya Hettiarachchi stated, “Shiv Nadar School permits students to fail safely”.

Two weeks ago, our one-of-a-kind Experience Centre in Chennai welcomed its first set of parents and students. Parents were guided through the school’s decade-long journey in education, which has resulted in our time-tested process to create lifelong learners.

Interacting with various members of the SNS Community, including the students, educators, and senior leadership, parents further learned about our holistic curriculum and other avenues through which Shiv Nadar School encourages knowledge co-creation alongside our young learners to nurture them into responsible changemakers of tomorrow.

In her welcome address Mrs. Padmini Sambasivam, Principal of Shiv Nadar School Chennai, assured parents that her team would leave no stone unturned; until every child entrusted in (their) care grew into a confident, responsible, committed, empathetic, and contributing citizen of the globe.

The key highlight for parents and students was an assisted tour into the Shiv Nadar School Metaverse. The Metaverse tour allowed parents and students to experience and visualize the Chennai campus as planned in the near future.

Our Experience Centre is an interactive and self-exploratory space that allows parents to experience and familiarise themselves with the school and our ecosystem. It showcases the evolution of Shiv Nadar School’s approach to creating meaningful and individualized learning journeys for young minds.

Parents gained exclusive insights into the SNS pedagogy and practices. One of the parents mentioned, “I am not looking for the conventional streamlined education; hence I have opted for Shiv Nadar School.  I am enjoying the outlook and the approach that this education will give. It is going to be a very transformative educational experience. I am looking forward towards a journey where my son will be nurtured into who he really is.”  - Dr. Sandhya.

From engaging storytelling sessions to learning how to draw and sketch, the young ones were engrossed under the expansive shade of the Banyan trees on campus.

Parents who wish to know more about the school can plan a visit to the Experience Centre by contacting the Parent Partnership Office.

You catch a glimpse of the highlights here:

Education For Life