English Extempore Speech Competition – Middle School – SNS Faridabad


Ready-made speech is a dead lion, extempore speech is a live cat. The latter connects you with the audience, the former distracts their attention.

– Rm Shanmugam Chettiar

To uphold the value of student voice and foster in learners the courage to speak their minds, SNS Faridabad organised an English extempore speech competition for the middle school. The event was graced by the Director Principal Anju Wal and Ms Deblina, the Head of International Curriculum (SNS Noida). Held in Wild Cats Hall on 20 July 2022 from 10:00 AM onwards, the event comprised one participant from each section across grades 6 to 8, speaking on a myriad of topics given to them half an hour before the competition. Coming to the stage without any formal preparation or memorised speech did not impede the contestants who were all brimming with contrarian and novel ideas. The students had to test their opinions and awareness of topics relevant to their lived realities, to which each participant had both interesting and inspiring responses.

Ms Deblina, the panel of judges and  Ms Anju Wal were invited to share their views on the event. While Ms Deblina emphasised on the importance of the courage to think outside the box to arrive at creative responses to ideas, our Director Principal, Ms Anju Wal commended the participants on their presentation skills.   Thereafter, the results were announced; these were as follows:

Grade 6: Yug Banga (6 Corbett)

Grade 7: Gunnika Khurana (7 Gir)

Grade 8:  Zoya Mirani (8 Kanha)

In one of his lectures, Ralph Waldo Emerson had proclaimed, “Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” At SNS Faridabad, participants from the middle school left the audience and the judges awed with their ability to persuade, convert, compel and motivate, setting high standards for consequent extempore competitions.

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