THE DIALOGUE PANEL DISCUSSION- Flagship series of Shiv Nadar Schools

The Dialogue Panel Discussion is a flagship series of Shiv Nadar Schools, bringing relevant contemporary issues and expert speak, within our learning spaces. In November 2020, we hosted our first virtual Dialogue.

The topic of the Dialogue was ‘Globalisation - The Post Covid Story’. On the panel were experts from various fields, spanning Economics, International Relations, Journalism, and Food and Culture. The discussion was moderated by Mannat Ahmed Khan and Shounak Nath of Grade 12 CBSE and IB respectively. The issues discussed included economic cooperation and self-sufficiency in the current global context, isolation or interdependence as an international strategy, impact of the pandemic on the flow of capital, ideas, cultures and people, to name a few. The panel was an insightful and engaging exploration of the many facets and dimensions to the effect of the pandemic on globalisation.

Click here to watch the panel discussion: The Dialogue