Design Championship Competition - 2019

More than 50 schools participated in the Design Championship competition with almost 300 participants across the schools.

DESIGN CHAMPIONSHIP consists of five different designing categories i.e. GRAPHIC DESIGN, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, MOVIE MAKING, APP DESIGNING, AND GAME DESIGN. All five categories have a different theme based on critical and creative thinking. In Graphic design the theme was "CREATIVE AD DESIGN" on(ZERO HUNGER CAMPAIGN), for Industrial Design it was "ECO-FRIENDLY FOOD PACKAGE" , for Movie Making "SACRIFICE" for App Design it was "TOUR OF INDIA-LOCAL CUSTOMS" And for Game Design "CONNECTING WORLD"

29 students from our school got selected in DESIGN CHAMPIONSHIP and showcased their talent in front of the participating schools and jury members.

Our Junior Game Team got "Runner-up award" out of 20 participating teams

And the Senior Game Team got the first Prize’’ out of 15 participating teams, and they would be representing their game at the GAME JAM TITANS competition organized by NASSCOM to be held in Hyderabad.