Create Change Challenge - The Young Achievers

The University of Queensland, Australia, conducted an inter-school competition Create Change Challenge - Sustainable innovation for future cities to foster innovation and creativity in high school students. 30 schools pan registered for it, students from 12 top schools got the opportunity to learn from and interact with UQ academics who delivered interactive masterclasses in the areas of Science, Business, and Engineering. After master class school teams were asked to pick up the problem and present a sustainable innovative solution with a business plan. They were given 1 hour preparation time to decide upon the topic and prepare for the presentation. After all brainstorming, the team decided to propose a solution to traffic congestion and curbing the pollution at junctions. The teams were given 8 minutes to present the solution, they started with talking of lopsided nature of traffic and proposing a solution to it using 5G and Google maps at junctions to have dynamic  traffic light time, the data can be sent to the central server which can be used for various purposes by government and companies. To curb the pollution at junctions as the emission of CO2 is high by standing vehicles they proposed installing a machine at junctions which absorbs the Carbon-Dioxide and convert it into Graphene using a chemical process which can be used for various purposes, Graphene is stronger than a diamond and has high electrical conductivity. Our students - Om Shelat, Tanishka Sahay, G.S. Charita, and Krish Laxminarayan won the competition and they received a rolling trophy and a MacBook Air as a winning prize.