Congratulations on Provisional Asteroid discoveries by students

Congratulates to our students on their Provisional discoveries of asteroids during the April 2021 STEM & Space Asteroid Search Campaign! 

The meritorious student discoverers from your school are the following who were in 4 teams:

  • Ishaan Chauhan
  • Krishay Chadha and Raghav Garg
  • Paarth Agnihotri, Manav Harsana, Swinzal Taneja
  • Veer Mendiratta, Aarav Kathuria 

This is a remarkable achievement for our students, which they have achieved with their diligence and hard work. 

STEM & Space conducted a highly specialized monthlong project in May-June 2020, in collaboration with the international group International Astronomy Search Collaboration (IASC), affiliated with NASA. 

Under this project, students were trained and guided by STEM & Space to look through real images from the Pan Starrs telescope in Hawaii, and search for asteroids. Many of the students found asteroids which were listed as preliminary discoveries, and we are proud to share that  30 such discoveries by various schools under our campaign of these have now been confirmed as provisional asteroid discoveries by the Minor Planet Catalog (MPC), and will be formally recorded.

Asteroid discoveries with provisional status are maintained in the MPC database for many years, until there have been a sufficient number of observations to fully determine the orbit. That process typically takes 6-10 years, at which point the asteroid is numbered and cataloged by the International Astronomical Union. Numbered asteroids can be named by their citizen scientist discoverers.

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