Congratulations to "Our Team" RoboCup Asia-Pacific is an international robotics competition

RoboCup Asia-Pacific is an international robotics competition which inculcates the true values of engineering in its participants. Top teams from the Asia-Pacific and some other regions are invited to participate. We represented India in the Rescue Line primary and secondary category. In this category, we had to design a robot that would follow a line which has obstacles and debris. This line could also have ramps and underpasses. The robot then arrives at a Rescue Zone where it has to evacuate victims to the Evacuation Point, which is in a corner of the Rescue Zone. The Evacuation point changes positions randomly. The victims are of two kinds, dead and alive. There were three rounds in the competition which became more challenging as the rounds progressed. The robot scores points by following the line as it overcomes the obstacles and rescues the victims in the correct order, first alive and then dead.

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