Christmas fire-free cooking session with Parents

To add to the Christmas celebrations, and as a part of our Parent-Partnership program at Shiv Nadar School, team Grade 2 invited parent volunteers to conduct a Christmas fire-free cooking session with the children of Grade 2, in the week before Christmas. 

Mother of Divisha Garg of 2 Corbett volunteered to teach the students to make ‘Snowman Truffle’. Students were very excited to prepare something on their own. She demonstrated each and every step on how to make a snowman truffle. Throughout the session, the children were engaged and had a fun time learning to prepare a new delecious dessert.

Mrs. Garg was also delighted and shared that she would love to come again for any such activity.

Mother of Lareasha Sachdeva of 2 Gir volunteered to teach the students to make snowman cookies.

Keeping in sync with the spirit of Christmas, the children were very excited  to make the snowman cookies. The ingredients gems and choco chips set their mouth watering.

An interactive session, Mrs Sachdeva demonstrated how a snowman cookie is made. She further shared the recipe with the students. Few students took notes and excitedly shared that they are going to make the cookies again during the holidays for their friends and family.

Mr. Narwat, father of Priansh Narwat of grade two Kanha volunteered for fire free cooking. It was a very engaging session where he taught children to make vegetable sandwiches. Mr. Narwat created a very comfortable environment in the class right from the moment he entered, which surely added to the richness of everyone's experience in the classroom. While he started with modeling it for children, he gave a full opportunity to children to make their sandwiches independently. As he was teaching them he also talked about the nutritional value of vegetables and cheese for children. It definitely motivated them to finish off each and every bit of the sandwich. Mr. Narwat set a great example for children as well as other parents by volunteering and breaking the gender stereotypes related with cooking. It will surely inspire other fathers to engage themselves with the children in non-normative ways. 

It was a great session full of fun, warm bondings and of course delicious sandwiches.

Dr Rohini Khattar parent of Myra Khattar from 2 Sariska to volunteer for a fire free cooking program in 2 Ranthambore.

Dr Khattar with her great cooking skills and her natural knack for creativity helped the children prepare a reindeer sandwich which the children absolutely enjoyed.

It was a great pleasure to see the little hands joyfully apply the spread and fillings and assemble the olives and the gems and prepare cute little rudolphs in their plates with Rudolph the red nose reindeer playing in the background.

Mrs. Mahani, the mother of Aneesha Mahani lifted everyone's spirit by teaching 2 Sariska how to prepare Chocolate balls. The children loved the process of crushing the biscuits into a fine powder. They then carefully added Milk maid to it and rolled the mixture into chocolate balls, chocolate snow man and much more! The children relished what they had made and shared their chocolate balls with each other. 

Mrs. Mahani beautifully engaged with the children, helping them in each step. The children affectionately thanked her and gifted her a plant. The children excitedly shared that they would go home and make it again for their parents.