Celebrating Math Day at Shiv Nadar School: A Fusion of Numbers and Art

On December 22nd, Shiv Nadar School Faridabad celebrated Math Day with great enthusiasm. The highlight of the day was the Inter-House Math Quiz competition held in the middle school, followed by engaging math art activities. The event aimed to promote a love for mathematics, foster healthy competition, and showcase the creative intersection of math and art.


Inter-House Math Quiz:

The day kicked off with the highly anticipated Inter-House Math Quiz competition. Students from different houses participated in a challenging series of mathematical questions, testing their problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge. The questions covered a range of topics, stimulating the students' logical thinking and analytical abilities.


Results of Final Round:

The final results of the Inter-House Math Quiz were as follows:

Panther House - 1st Place

Tiger House - 2nd Place

Leopard House - 3rd Place

Lion House - 4th Place

Congratulations to Panther House for securing the top position and to all the participants for their dedication and sportsmanship.


Math Art Activities:

After the intense quiz competition, students engaged in creative and artistic endeavors through math-themed activities. The art activities were tailored to different grade levels:


Grade 6 - Construct Snowflakes/Symmetrical Creatures:

Students in Grade 6 explored the world of symmetry by constructing intricate snowflakes and symmetrical creatures. This activity not only enhanced their understanding of mathematical concepts but also allowed them to showcase their creativity.


Grade 7 - Constructing Impossible Objects:

Grade 7 students delved into the fascinating realm of impossible objects, challenging their spatial reasoning and geometric understanding. The activity encouraged them to think outside the box and visualize mathematical concepts in a tangible way.


Grade 8 - Curve of Pursuit:

Grade 8 students explored the Curve of Pursuit, combining mathematical principles with artistic expression. This activity allowed them to experiment with curves and patterns, demonstrating the beauty that arises when math and art collide.


Grade 9 - Exploring Patterns and Investigation:

Children are naturally attuned to patterns because it allows them to predict what will come next and make sense of their world. When we see patterns we are able to predict—to count on things happening—and feel more secure and confident. The young learners of grade 9 explored the patterns. The students showed keen interest in the patterns and constructed linear expressions of the patterns. This activity helped the students in  exploring mathematical structures and lead them think algebraically. 



The Math Day celebration at Shiv Nadar School was a resounding success, showcasing the students' mathematical prowess and artistic flair. The Inter-House Math Quiz and the subsequent art activities provided a platform for students to not only test their mathematical knowledge but also express their creativity in unique and meaningful ways. The event fostered a positive and enthusiastic environment, reinforcing the importance of math education in a fun and engaging manner.


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