Celebrating Learning Journeys: Unveiling Funkaar for Grades 1 and 2

Funkaar, an innovative initiative by Shiv Nadar Schools, goes beyond conventional subjects, expanding the horizons of learning. The Primary school recently celebrated this initiative by inviting parents to witness and share in their children's educational journey.

In Grade 1, students delved into the rich tapestry of India's diverse cultures and cuisines through Environmental Studies. Their exploration extended to poetic Hindi tales in 'Rasoighar' and vibrant English stories from the bustling 'Vegetable Market.' Math lessons transformed into practical experiences during grocery shopping, turning each transaction into a valuable real-world lesson. Adding an artistic touch, students explored traditional and modern kitchens through creative endeavors. They sketched vegetable baskets from various perspectives, played with shapes and textures, and molded clay to craft kitchen elements. This artistic exploration aimed to deepen their understanding of food while fostering creative skills.

Meanwhile, Grade 2 students drew inspiration from 'The Little Prince,' embarking on a captivating journey. Guided by theatrical techniques, they collectively designed three distinct worlds. Beginning with a technological realm, transitioning to a nature-centric space with limited resources, and concluding with a utopian world embracing sustainable development, their journey was both immersive and enlightening. In language studies, students dissected storytelling elements, employing theatrical characterisation to craft narratives within these unique worlds. Hindi sessions led them to explore the fictional text 'Bus Ke Neeche Baagh,' prompting engaging research and collaborative writing, celebrating the essence of the poem 'Baagh ka Baccha.'

The celebration showcased the students' integrated and experiential learning, expressed through poems, songs, quizzes, and art and design works, making Funkaar a vibrant and enriching initiative at Shiv Nadar Schools.

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