Career Guidance Centre - Sessions at a glance for August

The Career Guidance Centre aims at providing high school students with information about courses of study, career options, and possible career paths. The CGC supports students whenever the need arises to apply to institutions within India and overseas as well. The objective of the CGC is to help students make informed choices about their future course of study. Keeping in mind the trend of Foreign Universities visiting the country in the month of August, CGC conducted sessions and held University Fairs for the benefit of the students.

CGC held month-long sessions on different aspects of career guidance, started with the session on How to write Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

Mr. Gywn University Career Coach talked about Do's and Don't of writing SOP. He also explained the difference between Oxbridge Application and other UK Universities.

Ms. Tanushree Bhattacharya took the session on the process of applying to the University Of British Columbia. She explained to the students the importance of profile building, SOP and application process.

Ms. Naz Begum talked about different subject combinations available with
students and the college education scenario in India. She mentioned things which should be kept in
mind when going in for the college admission in India. She informed the students about the most
important Entrance test dates and asked students to prepare for their CBSE exams with NCERT
books and reference books as it plays a very important role in board examinations.

Mr. Avtansh Behal shared his experiences of studying abroad in two different countries with the students while guiding them in shaping their own plans for studying abroad. Students were able to see that he has made it despite congenital Cerebral Palsy, overcoming physical challenges and prejudice.

Ms. Kavita Singh talked about the US holistic admission process and how should a student approach towards it. She helped students understand 6 case studies of the students who made to the top Universities like Stanford, Oxford, Princeton. She also emphasized that students should not only built a compelling profile but showcase it effectively with their application essay, resume, and recommendations.

Mr. Manu Dhawan talked about how reading can help you become a better person. Creative writing involves 'Inciting Incident' and 'conflict' which grabs the reader’s attention. He added that bad writing is the secret to compelling writing as it leads you to write repeatedly and thus enhances the writing skills. Few students mentioned that they are already writing some or the

Mr. Himanshu Sharmatalked about different careers in design and how to pursue them in India. He also explained to the students about design thinking and how it helps in following the passion for art & design. He introduced all the design courses available at Anant University to the students and mentioned about the tie ups with universities abroad

KIC Univassist- US University Fair: 19 Universities participated in the fair