Bhasha - Summer engagement at the Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon

Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon - summer engagement project

The aim of this project was to introduce the students to a wider world of creativity and expressions and explore mediums beyond the AHA programme that the school has. Students were provided with the opportunity to understand language through words (theatre), body (dance), music (vocals and instrumental), and pens/brushes (visual arts). This cross-pollination approach helps develop a wider sense of art forms.

The word bhasha means “a medium and or process by which one may express their thoughts and expressions, verbal and non-verbal. Hence, the Co-scholastic team aptly named the summer engagement activity for 2020, “Bhasha-Language of the Arts”! A programme that allowed the children to explore and express themselves through various well-curated activities over the 4 weeks of summer.

Theatre students were led through various workshops where they understood the concepts of theatre, emoting, action-reaction, dialogues, writing scripts and more.

Bhav is the basic bhasha of dance and the students sensitized about different forms of dance, various components and elements of this as a form of communication.

Music transcends all barriers of culture and language. Our students were led through songwriting, evolution and history of Indian music and musical instruments.

The visual arts students were taken through a journey of ‘flora and fauna’. Art as a medium to document in olden days to using art to explain scientific concepts spurred the students to create their own masterpieces.

Students found and learnt new forms of expressions building a language of their own, which made them more confident and stronger as an individual.