Author Visit - Christopher C Doyle


Meet the Author-Christopher C. Doyle.


“Sometimes you need to look deeper within. If you look for a deeper meaning, you will find it” Christopher C. Doyle

In continuum to promote reading, Shiv Nadar School often conducts “Meet the Author” sessions. Our most recent guest was Christopher C. Doyle, an author who transports the reader into a fascinating world where ancient secrets buried in legends blend with science and history to create a gripping story.

Mr Doyle pursued a career in the corporate sector armed with degrees in Economics and Business Management.  His inherent love for history and science brought to us his take on the secrets and mysticism around the ancient Indians.

The author’s grasp on the mysteries that the ancient world throws up isn’t just bound to Indian history, his curiosity has led him to research and try to find some semblance in the labyrinths of the bygone world, sometimes as proof bound answers and sometimes as speculative explanations.

Most of these sessions are Q&As, Mr Doyle shook things up by sharing a presentation, a mixed bag of historical facts that ignited the most “susegad” of minds. Throughout the session, Mr Doyle put forth not just facts but also the biggest ‘WHAT IF’s of ancient Indian History and the world. He made us dig deeper and rethink the ‘HOW COULD’ which tells us not only about the strong interconnection between the Natural Sciences, Human Sciences and technology but makes them even more relatable and their importance timeless.

As a responsible writer, he bases his stories on facts weaving the storyline in fiction prompting the reader to be enthralled and yet intrigued. He has divided his work as the science fictional works based on the grand epic Mahabharta and the second a fantasy thriller series drawing inspiration from Indian scriptural stories.

Christopher C. Doyle has also initiated “A Quest Club” for like-minded, die-hard adventurers, seekers of ancient mysteries and looking for thrills and excitement. Membership to this club is available online and free. Some of the benefits are accessibility to unread, unpublished chapters, discussions on the content, information on characters and locations mentioned in the books, contests and interactive mysteries to solve. In short an endeavour by Mr Doyle to partner with his readers in adventure and seeking ancient mysteries.

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