Anandam - Middle School 2019-20

I think that the power of art is the power to wake us up, strike our depths, change us. What are we searching for when we read a novel, see a film or listen to a piece of music? We are searching through a work of art, for something that alters us, that we weren’t aware of before.” These words by the American- Indian novelist Jhumpa Lahiri resonate with our thoughts, our endeavours, and our passions.

Our efforts to strive for excellence unfold a new learning, a new horizon and a new insight into everyday life, and creates AHA moments amidst our unique journey of Visual and Performing Arts.

The program started with the invocation and lighting of the lamp amidst the chanting of shlokas.


The roller coaster of performances began with the students of grade VII and VIII who played a Brazilian folk piece Saudacõ on drums that encapsulated the traditional dance of the Jongo.

The climate change issue was brought forward beautifully by a poem recitation titled “If Only” by Shea.

The students of Guitar mesmerized the audience with an instrumental piece titled “Lewis & Clark” by Tommy Emmanuel. This piece was inspired by Lewis and Clark Expedition, which was the first American expedition to cross the western portion of the United States.

Our passionate footballer “Vedant” who had been on the receiving end of many motivational speeches before a match delivered two iconic speeches of the silver screen. The first, from the movie “Miracle” in English and the other, from the movie “Chak De India” in Hindi.  

The musical magic was woven by the violin basket students with the presentation of their euphonious piece. They performed ‘Raag Bageshree’, a Hindustani classical raga depicting a woman’s longing for her beloved’s return. They also performed a piece titled ‘Naad Dhwani’, an original composition of their teacher, which was an amalgamation of Indian and modern musical forms.

The students of the Hindustani vocals basket presented a beautiful rendition Chaturang in Raag Bageshree by Vinay Chandra Maudgalya.

A modified version of the poem “Pause” was presented by our student Vyoma Lal.

This piece was inspired by the poem “Pause”, originally performed by the Lincoln High slam poets.

The tabla students performed various traditional compositions such as Uthaan, Layakaari, Tihai, Qaida, Tukra and Chakradaar in Jhap taal a 10 beat rhythm cycle. 

The students of the keyboard basket performed an American-Latin pop tune called ‘Senorita’ by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. This piece is used as a steady Latin rhythm called ‘Bossa’ and a Latin feel throughout, even though the arrangement itself is contemporary pop.

Students of art basket showcased their creation through a creatively organized gallery walk.


The students discussed how important vacations were to create memories with family and expand our horizons. While flying through the sky in these engineering marvels (planes), how often do we think of the carbon footprint we are leaving behind. The students would like the viewer to think about what the actual “Cost of Travel” is to the future generations. Their art installation involved the children working with gradients, light and dark shading, and recreating views from aerial vantage points. They explored multiple media; oil pastels, colour pencils, and water colours.

Students also worked with silk threads to create fabric on the handloom. They learned three basic weaves, which were plain, twill, and satin and they created multiple intricate patterns on the silk fabric. Students enjoyed the process of weaving and created colourful handkerchief-sized silk cloth pieces. The process of weaving on the handloom helped them develop concentration and focus. It also required enormous amounts of patience and continuous work to complete the complex patterns.

Mosaic Tile Mural’ is an art form that uses small pieces of materials placed together to create a unified whole. The students furthered their understanding of space, rhythm, balance, colour, and composition in the process of making their artworks.


In a flood of mistaken identities that happen to be in “Twelfth Night”, our students we added our own twist by making multiple actors perform the same characters. 

Rabindranath Tagore's short story "The Homecoming" applies to Phatik Chakravorti's struggle to find a home where he feels loved. Our students portrayed several different crossroads in the story that involves coming home—both symbolically and literally.

“Lakeerein” another power-packed performance was a script conceptualized by the students based on partition stories. The script included stories written by Manto- short stories from “Siyaah Haashiye/ Black Borders” and the story of Toba Tek Singh. It also featured women and girls, whose stories were  documented by the partition archives. The play was a nonlinear narrative that had a variety of components like storytelling, poetry, narrations and dialogues. It highlighted the lives of multiple people at the same time, who suffered the partition and its aftermath.

What happens when a group of clowns comes together to put up a play? In their attempt to present a play based on the famous story of Aladdin, the struggles began with a war over characters, missing props, and co-actors. The art of clowning amused, bemused and confused not just the audience, but in this case, the performers themselves!


The Manipuri dance basket students explored the beautiful concept of Raas and they presented ‘Kunja Raas’, performed on the full moon night of Asvin or Mera.

The Bharatnatyam dance basket students presented a classical Swara composition in the Carnatic style. The Nritta or pure dance consisted of intricate and detailed footwork, complex rhythmic patterns combined with stylized body movements.

The Kathak basket presented a pure dance sequence and technical aspects of Kathak, such as chakkardar tukra, tihaai, kavitt in madhya and drut laya..

The finale song was a masterpiece of the collection of western songs from the ’70s by the Western vocal basket. A group of 40 students enthralled the audience with foot-tapping songs from 70’s Disco Era. To familiarize with popular works of a particular artist,  genre or era the students were exposed to variety of musical styles of famous singers or rock bands like Boney M, Village People, Sister Sledge, Carl Douglas, Gloria Gaynor. The tribute to the ’70s brought back nostalgic memories of audience who have grown up listening to these songs.