Aeromodelling Workshop-Grade 5

An aeromodelling workshop was organized on 1st and 2nd of November’19 for grade 5 in collaboration with India’s Hobby Shack to facilitate the application of physics (laws of motion and types of forces) in real life. The experts who worked with us involved Mr. Deepak and Mr. Vinod, who are also the founders of India's Hobby Shack. 

It started with the facilitators giving a presentation and explaining theory on how the design of the airplane was developed, starting from Da Vinci’s design to the model made by the Wright brothers. Parts of the plane were explained and basics of the Bernoulli’s theorem were also discussed. Students created three different prototypes of planes, viz., Paper Plane, Chuck Gliders and Rubber Powered Models. How different aerofoil shapes affect the plane and why they are used in different types of planes was also discussed with the children.

This was then followed by the testing of these planes in the actual field. It was an exciting workshop and the children thoroughly enjoyed making and testing of the planes. It not only enhanced their understanding of the various forces, but also brought in a fun and exciting element to a physics topic like Aero-modelling.