A Peek into the Past Year’s Journey

If 2020 led us into spaces that were unknown and challenging, 2021 presented situations that tested our mettle to the greatest extent. It was a year of hope and despair. Despite heartbreaking situations, we emerged stronger, showing greater resilience.

The toughest challenges also proved to be our greatest teachers. All through 2021, we learnt new lessons, as we oscillated between digital and hybrid classrooms. As we seek to get back to a familiar, pandemic-free world in 2022, it’s apt to have a look at how we fared over the past year.

In this four-part series of articles, we will present stories of triumphs, trials, and learnings from the past academic year. We invite you to join us on this enriching journey.



The LEARN segment will focus on how our faculty and students reached newer milestones over the past year as lifelong learners. As the school completes a decade in the pursuit of academic excellence, the students undertook several initiatives to celebrate the Decennial year. Literary fests and interaction with authors opened new horizons of exploring global literature. Students delved into personal projects, portraying multidisciplinary learning in the best way.


Be it sports, visual arts, performing arts, or science, our students continued to move beyond the set benchmarks. They excelled in every sphere despite several challenges, making us proud. Several co-curricular clubs were formed by students, to continue their multifaceted endeavours in the virtual world. In our EXPLORE section, we will encapsulate their achievements across domains.


Technological advancement took a vast leap of faith during the past academic year. The STEAM event, Educational Boot Camp, was conducted virtually with an international engagement with ITER France. The Capstone projects by students also scaled new heights. The INNOVATE section will look at how we touched new horizons in the digital world with flair.


Finally, we will share the insights in the EVOLVE section about how we grew from all the experiences over the past year. We will also look at how our extended family stuck together and made commendable contributions to the community.

Follow us as we go on a roller coaster ride through a true VUCA year.   

Mar 8, 2022 by Shiv Nadar School