A Quill of Their Own

“We wrote, we laughed, we grew…together.”

Armed with their maiden publications, proudly displayed on the bookshelves, this is what the students of grade 9th and 10th of Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon and Noida will tell you! Continue reading

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Keep the Child Alive!

Childhood is among the most beautiful times in life. Each page of a child’s life is a story of adventure and discovery, of mirth and fascination, of friendships and forevers. A child, they say, is a creative genius, for he is not afraid of soaring on wings of imagination to lands undiscovered and terrains unexplored. Continue reading

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The Lamp is Lit

Once upon a time, long ago, a man heard about the holy flame, burning in a city, far from his. His house had been out of light and fire since a while now, and so he decided to undertake the arduous journey till this faraway city, and bring back some warmth to his home. He set off, on foot, witnessed the holy flame, and captured part of it to carry back along. On the way home, he met a man on the pavement, cold and shivering. This poor man asked him for some light, so that he could fight off the cold. The man with light hesitated, and mused if this he should waste his holy flame like this. Eventually, he gave away a part of the flame and carried on with his journey. Continue reading

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To New Beginnings!

April is the month of new beginnings for school students. There is a new class to go to, new friends to make, new teachers to meet and new goals to set. From now, till March next year, students will be traversing on a new trajectory of learning, be it in arts, academics, sports or life skills. Continue reading

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The Many Hues of Holi

We are entering the most colourful week of the entire year now. Have water balloons and fountains of coloured water already started appearing around your house? Holi is a festival which infuses a playful spirit in everyone, the young and old alike, much in advance. While the young ones concentrate on finding means of amusement created out of colours and water, the ladies of the family occupy themselves with doling out traditional Holi delicacies – the yummy gujiya, and the tangy kanji! Continue reading

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Fire by the Moonlight

Excitement is an inadequate word to describe the kind of buzz we heard in the school at the announcement of an overnight stay, for the primary departments at Noida and Faridabad. When our regular school days turn out to be so much fun, it was thrilling to imagine how much enjoyment a night stay at school would carry along. Fun, however, was not the only objective behind organizing a stay at school. There are many diverse aims which this kind of an interaction with the school space and people helps achieve, and we’ll walk through some in this post. Continue reading

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Art Out Loud

Art has a language of its own. Artists, those painting their thoughts on a canvas, are creatures of few words. They allow their creations to do the talking. A glimpse at the riot of colours they conjure in their artwork can reveal the myriad emotions their minds are brimming with. Continue reading

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We all grew up on a dose of fables, fairy-tales and folklores which either our parents or our grandparents narrated to us as our eyes closed while being tucked away in the bed each night. Stories, probably, form the earliest memories that survive in our minds through time and age. They become our reference points for remembering the fun of our own childhood, and the values of our collective existence. The theme we will be talking about in the month of October is this – ‘Kahaaniyaan’. Here are a few reasons why. Continue reading

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When Charlie Did Not Get the Golden Ticket

Do you ever wonder, how would have Harry Potter’s life altered had his father not bequeathed on him the Invisibility Cloak? Or how would have Hazel Grace reacted had she known Augustus Waters was closer to death than she was? Or how would Bella’s life change had Edward Cullen absolutely refused to turn her into a Vampire? It is a lovely activity sometimes, to put yourself into the shoes of an author and think how innovative plot twists could bring novelty into a storyline. If Cinderella had never lost that shoe, how would she have gotten to know the Prince’s true love for her? What else could have happened to strengthen their bond with each other? Continue reading

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A Few More Stories to Read

Reading is an intrinsic and interesting part of the holidays. We hope you are spending long hours catching up on your favourite fiction or non-fiction titles. A number of extremely enriching and intriguing contemporary titles dot the shelves of bookstores, whether you find them online or offline. There are, however, some classics literary compositions which have been stimulating human imagination since generations, and lie forgotten now. This article is an attempt to familiarise you with a few  Continue reading

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