A Quill of Their Own

“We wrote, we laughed, we grew…together.”

Armed with their maiden publications, proudly displayed on the bookshelves, this is what the students of grade 9th and 10th of Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon and Noida will tell you! Continue reading

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Telling Your Tale

Imagine standing on a big stage, with hundreds of audience members applauding your arrival to the podium, their eager eyes set on you. A hush descends then as they stop clapping and expect you to start speaking. You could then be feeling one of the two things. First – I’ve got this, I will just calm down, smile and deliver the best speech of my life. Second – Oh dear God! Why was I put here? Can this end already? I want to get off the stage and away from the eyes of all these people. Continue reading

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An Exploration of the Earth

The first floor corridor of Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon, remained noisy and messy the entire past week. However, this noise emanated from animated discussions on concepts of science and social science and the mess was a result of the creativity of the 6th graders who occupy that corridor. Students scurried about, but with a purpose. They giggled when their experiment yielded expected observations. And they dabbled freely and carelessly in colours to put their learnings onto paper. Continue reading

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Values in Motion

Within this month, our students are undergoing several experiences which are designed to achieve personal excellence, as well as create a firm rooting into the value system that we, at Shiv Nadar School, abide by. It is satisfying to see the very abstract values find actual, tangible manifestation through our programmes. Students understand respect while giving it to each aspect of their environment – animate and inanimate in the Joy of Sharing week. They learn how to shoulder responsibility and match words to action as they canvass for student council elections. They dive deep into learning and imbibe concepts for a lifetime in Funkaar Week. What is even better is, with these physical manifestations of values, these universal ethics are making subtle inroads into the psyche and character of our students, poised to stay there for life. Continue reading

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Spoken Word Series @ Shiv Nadar School

“Listen to this as carefully as a riddle,
And tell me, if it is the same case with you,
Even a little…”

Palak Modi, clad in her Panther House T-Shirt, armed with a poem, walked up to the performing area with some trepidation. She carried a self-composed poem, scribbled on a paper, but was determined to not read out from it. After a week of writing, memorizing and practising, today was when she was going to make a presentation of her versified thoughts. In an event dedicated to Spoken Word performances, phase 1 of the Aha Creative Communications basket was going to conclude. Continue reading

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The Fifth Pillar

As an institution which aspires to create leaders and thinkers for tomorrow, the existence of Shiv Nadar School is supported by Five Pillars. Each of these pillars, namely – Value System, Curriculum, Teachers, Technology and Parents – are indispensable to building a strong and firm foundation on which the school moves ahead. This post on our blog, we dedicate to the fifth of the above-mentioned pillars – our Parents – whose partnership and belief is critical for us, at each step. Continue reading

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Art from the Heart!

I create melody through my brush strokes
I dance to the rhythm of my heart
I perform to reveal my imagination
I add colour to life through art! Continue reading

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Through The Eyes of a Child

“Where words come out from
the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches
its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason
has not lost its way into the dreary
desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is lead forward by thee
into ever-widening thought and action-
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father,
let my country awake.” Continue reading

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The World of Tomorrow

Reflections are a great way to not only view the past, but also set a road map for future. An awareness of past learnings and glories helps envisage a world which is a little brighter and better for coming generations to live in. We spent some time talking to our educators about how they would wish the school, the community, the country and the world to change in 2016, and in most of these interactions, we met a faraway look in the eyes of our teachers. This look was reflective of all that they were trying to recall from the year which has gone by, in order to arrive at a happy dream for tomorrow. Continue reading

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Lights Along the Way

Before getting to the topic, we wish you a bright and beautiful 2016. Are your hopes, plans and resolutions in place for it?

We spent a good part of December revisiting our values. Did you wonder why? The closing moments of the year are a solemn time for recollecting and bringing to mind all the learnings and successes, all the triumphs and sobering experiences. It is a time also to sift out the best to carry forward to the next year, which symbolically represents the start of a new chapter of possibilities in a person’s life. We wanted to devote the same introspective time to revisit the core of our existence – our values, which are the brightly lit lamps along the path of life. Continue reading

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