A Quill of Their Own

“We wrote, we laughed, we grew…together.”

Armed with their maiden publications, proudly displayed on the bookshelves, this is what the students of grade 9th and 10th of Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon and Noida will tell you! Continue reading

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Aglow with the Light of Learning

The evening before Diwali break is always a special one for Shiv Nadar School, Noida. It is our occasion to celebrate light and learning, and put on display the creative sparks which emerge out of the curriculum when it is engaged with in an experiential manner. It is the evening of Funkaar Week culmination, also celebrated as ‘Jyotirgamay’ – or the symbolic walk towards light of knowledge and wisdom. Continue reading

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Telling Your Tale

Imagine standing on a big stage, with hundreds of audience members applauding your arrival to the podium, their eager eyes set on you. A hush descends then as they stop clapping and expect you to start speaking. You could then be feeling one of the two things. First – I’ve got this, I will just calm down, smile and deliver the best speech of my life. Second – Oh dear God! Why was I put here? Can this end already? I want to get off the stage and away from the eyes of all these people. Continue reading

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Kahaani Palampur Ki

There is a lot that is a part of our academic curriculum, which is understood by the students only in theory, because of the inherent, and sometimes indispensable chasm which exists between concepts and their real applications and manifestations. In some of these cases, it is possible to make concepts come alive through model-making, experiments and integrated class-room experiences where non-academic disciplines make their way into the curriculum to make academic concepts lucid. But some other cases might present a greater difficulty. Continue reading

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An Exploration of the Earth

The first floor corridor of Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon, remained noisy and messy the entire past week. However, this noise emanated from animated discussions on concepts of science and social science and the mess was a result of the creativity of the 6th graders who occupy that corridor. Students scurried about, but with a purpose. They giggled when their experiment yielded expected observations. And they dabbled freely and carelessly in colours to put their learnings onto paper. Continue reading

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In the Quest for Lifelong Learning – Summer Internship

This year, the students of Shiv Nadar School have been exposed to an intensive programme in communications. No matter the level of skill and the depth of knowledge, one thing which differentiates individuals in the way they come across to the world is their ability to communicate – to present their ideas in a comprehensible, exciting and inspiring manner. Bearing this in mind, we initiated for them a programme called ‘Creative Communications’ as a part of their Aha Time activities. Continue reading

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In Conversation – Dr. Sneha Chakradhar

Dr. Sneha Chakradhar is an artist in the true sense of the word. Not only is she a Bharatanatyam danseuse par excellence, she is also a sociology student capable of traversing across disciplines in seamless, fluid movements. She experimented with Kathak and Odissi before deciding that her real calling lay in remaining a student of Bharatanatyam. Besides dance, she has also learnt music at an early age, and done her masters in theatre from Australia. Not just this, Sneha has tried her hand at film-making too! Continue reading

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Spoken Word Series @ Shiv Nadar School

“Listen to this as carefully as a riddle,
And tell me, if it is the same case with you,
Even a little…”

Palak Modi, clad in her Panther House T-Shirt, armed with a poem, walked up to the performing area with some trepidation. She carried a self-composed poem, scribbled on a paper, but was determined to not read out from it. After a week of writing, memorizing and practising, today was when she was going to make a presentation of her versified thoughts. In an event dedicated to Spoken Word performances, phase 1 of the Aha Creative Communications basket was going to conclude. Continue reading

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The Many Hues of Holi

We are entering the most colourful week of the entire year now. Have water balloons and fountains of coloured water already started appearing around your house? Holi is a festival which infuses a playful spirit in everyone, the young and old alike, much in advance. While the young ones concentrate on finding means of amusement created out of colours and water, the ladies of the family occupy themselves with doling out traditional Holi delicacies – the yummy gujiya, and the tangy kanji! Continue reading

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Fire by the Moonlight

Excitement is an inadequate word to describe the kind of buzz we heard in the school at the announcement of an overnight stay, for the primary departments at Noida and Faridabad. When our regular school days turn out to be so much fun, it was thrilling to imagine how much enjoyment a night stay at school would carry along. Fun, however, was not the only objective behind organizing a stay at school. There are many diverse aims which this kind of an interaction with the school space and people helps achieve, and we’ll walk through some in this post. Continue reading

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